Gulumkan Toktonalieva showing the flight ticket to her home country Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: The smile is back on the face of a Kyrgyz mum who had been stranded in Dubai for the past six months after losing her passport and running out of money.

Following last week’s XPRESS report highlighting the plight of 41-year-old Gulumkan Toktonalieva, several readers came forward to help her.

One Good Samaritan paid for her flight ticket and she’s now set to fly home on Friday.


“I am so thankful for all those who helped me. I spoke to my children and they are eagerly waiting for me,” said Gulumkan.

Toktonalieva came to Dubai last December in search of a job. However, no sooner did she land in the city, she lost her passport. Gulumkan said she couldn’t file a police complaint immediately as she was required to submit copies of her missing passport and visa which at that time were with her travel agent.

“It took me five months to arrange the documents. I am glad my ordeal is finally over,” she said.