Volunteers at the WGS in Dubai. Image Credit: Sharmila Dhal/Gulf News

Dubai: The 7th edition of the World Government Summit may go down in history for its many successes, but the story won’t be complete without a mention of its massive contingent of volunteers.

The 200-plus volunteers, who could be seen everywhere, made sure the guests from over 140 countries had a seamless and hassle-free experience.

The organising committee told Gulf News, “We had more than 200 volunteers, including 10 people of determination on ground. They were divided into groups of 12 and worked round the clock during the three days. They worked with a lot of dedication and enthusiasm, handling all sorts of tasks like printing cards, managing registrations and assisting visitors at the reception areas and gates.”

The committee said the volunteers at the summit were drawn from, Emirates Foundation, EXPO 2020 team, universities and other entities.

For the contingent, which did not charge a fee for its service, the experience was priceless as it was an opportunity to give back to a nation that had given them so much. The volunteers said the satisfaction they derived from a task well done was in itself the biggest reward.

One of the volunteers Salem Al Shamsi said, “I helped out with managing transport and traffic and welcoming the guests. It was a great experience.”

For those like Maitha Al Shehi, Shaima Saleh, Nawal Al Jasmi, Amna Al Hajri and Alya Al Ali, it was all about improving their communication skills and learning how to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Amna Al Serkal said. “It is my first time at the World Government Summit. I met so many different people and the experience I gained was invaluable.”

One volunteer with special needs, who was distributing bags and brochures at the main reception, said he thoroughly enjoyed his work.