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Several hundred IQAir HealthPro and IQAir Cleanroom systems are currently being deployed in healthcare institutions in Hong Kong and China in the fight against SARS-CoV and COVID-1

IQAir is a Swiss based air quality technology group that has, since 1963, empowered individuals, organisations and communities to breathe cleaner air. With major collaborations in international environmental projects such as the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), IQAir is a leading manufacturer of high-end efficiency air cleaning solutions and air quality monitoring devices. The advanced air cleaning technologies used by IQAir are the result of an unparallelled 50+ years track record in air purification.

Hamed Ali, Manager at Edelweiss , agents for IQAir, elaborates on the brand's USPs and how it's helping the medical industry in the ongoing war against Covid.

12 reasons why IQAir is considered a global leader in air purification systems:

1. Individually Certified for Real Performance: Each IQAir system is individually tested and certified for actual air delivery and actual filtration efficiency in real life conditions with a guarantee that the IQAir you receive will perform as advertised.

2. Award-winning Performance: IQAir has received more #1 product awards and reviews than any other air purifier brand.

3. Effective Removal of Deadly Viruses and other Ultra-Fine Particles: IQAir’s HyperHEPA® filters have been independently tested in accordance with the world's most stringent HEPA filter test norm (European Norm EN 1822). This means that IQAir systems reliably capture pollutants and microorganisms up to 100 times smaller than ordinary air cleaners and 10 times smaller than a virus.

All IQAir air purifiers are 100% ozone-free. Ozone is a lung irritant also produced by ionizers and electronic air cleaners. Even small amounts of ozone are undesirable and can be harmful for allergy and asthma sufferers

- Hamed Ali, Manager at Edelweiss , agents for IQAir

4. Advance Filtration of Chemicals & Odours (selected models): IQAir's unique MultiGas ™ blend of granular activated carbon and impregnated alumina enables the effective removal of a wide spectrum of toxic chemicals and unpleasant odours.

5. Unique Proof of Ability to Reduce Infections: In a major research study published in February 2010 in the American Journal of Infection Control, it was shown that IQAir systems reduced airborne hospital infection rates by over 50%, thus saving lives and reducing costs.

6. 100% Ozone & Ion-Free Technology: Unlike other air cleaners, IQAir uses only technologies that produce absolutely no ozone and no ionized/charged particles, thus protecting vulnerable asthma patients.

7. Ultra-Quiet Design: IQAir’s “fan-in-centre” design and double-walled housing effectively reduces sound transmission. The result is an air purifier quiet enough for bedrooms and hospital wards.

8. Extra-Long Filter Life & Filter Availability Guarantee: The use of extra-large filter surfaces and high media content results in ultra-long filter life that not only saves on replacement costs but also guarantees that HealthPro replacement filters will be available for at least 15 years after purchase.

9. Intelligent Filter Life Monitor: IQAir's microchip controlled filter life monitor takes actual pollution levels into account to keep track of the remaining filter life of each individual filter. LEDs on the control panel alert the user when it's time to replace a filter, thus maximising the yield and saving costs.

10. Advanced Control Features: A choice of 6 fan speed settings and the advanced timer allow the user to program the IQAir to suit the user’s individual needs and thus save costs.

11. Patented Modular Housing & FilterDesign: IQAir's patented design features enable fast and comfortable filter replacement without the need for any tools.

12. Exclusively "Swiss Made": IQAir HealthPro systems are made exclusively in Switzerland by highly skilled workforce using only high-quality components and uncompromising quality control and environmental standards.

How can IQAir Help in the Fight Against COVID-19?

Since the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus (now named COVID-19) and the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) classification of the virus as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the air quality expert IQAir has received a large number of enquiries, asking what role IQAir can play to protect people effectively against the coronavirus and other infections.

Most ordinary air purifiers are not designed for use in critical healthcare environments and cannot guarantee reliable high-efficiency removal of the smallest microorganisms. Every IQAir Cleanroom Series and HealthPro Series air purifier is equipped with a hospital-grade HyperHEPA filter that guarantees a minimum removal efficiency of 99.5% even for the tiniest airborne microorganisms and more than 99.97% effectiveness. The efficiency was independently verified by a leading German aerosol test laboratory.

IQAir air purifiers are already assisting healthcare institutions across Asia and in many other parts of the world to protect their staff and patients against infections. Several hundred IQAir HealthPro and IQAir Cleanroom systems are currently being deployed in healthcare institutions in Hong Kong and China in the fight against SARS-CoV and COVID-19. In January and February 2020, IQAir arranged a number of emergency air freight shipments to Hong Kong including IQAir high-efficiency air purifiers. Hong Kong Hospital Authority deploys the specialised IQAir systems primarily in rooms where patients under investigation (PUI) are being cared for.

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