Ajman: An Arab woman, 45, was saved from a suicide attempt by the police, when she threatened to jump off a building balcony in Ajman.

Lieutenant Colonel Gaith Al Kaabi, Director-General of Al Nuaimyah Police station, told Gulf News that the woman was standing on the edge of the balcony of her third floor apartment, while people gathered below on seeing her.

The Arab woman informed the Ajman police operations room that she would jump any moment, she planned to end her life. She also asked the police to bring an ambulance, The police officer at the operations room distracted the woman by talking to her on the mobile phone, till the rescue team reached her apartment. In coordination with Civil Defence officers, the police team entered the apartment and rescued the distraught woman. They talked to the woman and and convinced her that they would help solve her problems.

The police believe she was threatening to commit suicide because of marital problems. The incident is being investigated by Al Nuaimyah police station.