This is not the first time that a fatal fall has been reported from a high-rise in Sharjah Image Credit: For illustrative purpose only

Dubai: Friends and neighbours of the young Indian expatriate who fell to his death from the sixth-storey of a building in Al Dhaid on Friday, July 31, are in shock even as the Sharjah Police has initiated a forensic enquiry into the incident to ascertain whether it was a suicide or an accident.

Friends who did not want to be named said that the victim, Kollam Paravur Nadosalam Kaccheri Villavit Surendram Bachcha Sumesh, hailed from Kochi district in Kerala and was only 24 years old.

He was working as a civil engineer in a Sharjah-based company and had come to Dubai just a year ago. In the days before the incident, he had displayed no signs of depression and was employed.

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Ashraf Thamraserri, Indian social worker from Sharjah who is handling the repatriation of the body and has been in touch with a relative of the deceased in Abu Dhabi, said: “Sumesh was new to the UAE and was settling in. He was unmarried and did not have an active social life or too many many friends. The body is at the Sharjah mortuary and police are investigating the cause of death.”

Thamraserri said he was in touch with the deceased’s parents in Kochi who are devastated by this news. He added that he was working towards securing the papers required to repatriating the body.

“I am hopeful of being handed over the body in a couple of days and will proceed to embalming and completing all formalities required for repatriation. The family will collect his body from the Kochi airport,” he added.

Meanwhile, EP Johnson, president of the Indian Association of Sharjah, said: “The body of Indian youth identified as Sumesh from the Indian state of Kerala is likely to be repatriated on August 5, Wednesday.”

He said: “Sumesh was speaking on the phone. He became angry suddenly, threw his mobile down on the floor and went to the balcony. His room-mates were shell-shocked with what happened after that. They could do nothing about it as it all happened so fast.”

Johnson said Sumesh was single and did not have any family here. His parents, who have been informed of the tragic death, are shattered by the news, he said, adding, “They are waiting to receive his body.”

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Dr Aman Puri, Consul General of India in Dubai, told Gulf News no family member or friend has approached the consulate for help so far.

“Our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased. We are here to render all assistance, including repatriation of the body,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rathish Mohan, owner of the company where Sumesh was working as a draughtsman, said he was shocked to hear about the death.

“It is a very sad day for us. The staff are in shock. The news is yet to sink in,” he said.

Mohan said Sumesh was a very professional worker. ”He was a fresh graduate when I recruited him 11 months ago. He was due for his annual vacation next month.”

He said Sumesh was good at his job. “He had done a diploma course in engineering. But he was very skilled in his job. I never felt this was his first job. He worked like any experienced professional. The company has lost a good worker, sadly.”

Mohan said Sumesh had a very quiet disposition. “I used to ask him many times why he was so quiet and if I can help him in anyway. But all he said was that he missed his family. He was a sensitive boy.”

Mohan said he and his company staff are doing everything they can to help speed up the process to repatriate his body.

Recent fatal falls in Sharjah: A timeline

July 31, 2020:

A 24-year-old Indian man falls to his death from the sixth-floor of a building in Al Dhaid city in Sharjah.

July 26, 2020:

A 14-year-old Indian girl, one of the twin daughters of a Keralite couple, dies after falling from their apartment in Sharjah.

March 08, 2020:

A six-year-old Arab boy fall to his death from an 11th floor window of a building in Sharjah.

December 17, 2019:

An 18-year-old Arab girl falls to her death from a residential building in Al Qasimiah area in Sharjah.

December 09, 2019:

A 13-month-old Arab girl falls to her death from the eighth floor of a building in the Al Majaz area in Sharjah.

December 06, 2019:

A 15-year-old Indian girl dies after falling from the 10th floor of a building in Al Naba’a area, Sharjah.

August 26, 2018:

A five-year-old American girl dies after falling from the 19th floor of a building in Sharjah.

March 26, 2017:

A three-year-old Saudi girl fell to her death from the 11th floor of a building on Jamal Abdul Nasser Street in Sharjah.

March 20, 2017:

A 16-year-old Indian girl dies after falling from the seventh floor balcony of her apartment in Jamal Abdul Nasser street, Sharjah.

January 22, 2017:

A 12-year-old Pakistani boy dies after falling from the eighth floor of a building in Al Taawun area, Sharjah.

- Compiled by Abdul Kareem, Head of Archives