Dark clouds above Dubai. Picture taken on Monday, April 16, 2018. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: An early morning drizzle greeted Dubai residents on Monday as weathermen expect the UAE skies to remain partly overcast.

The National Meteorological Centre (NCM) predicts that clouds will gradually increase, especially in the western and the coastal areas during the day, raising the chance of rain.

Here's a video uploaded by the centre taken from Mohammad Bin Zayed Road on Monday.

Meanwhile, southeasterly winds are expected to turn northeast with speeds of up to 45 kph at certain times, blowing up dust in exposed areas. Forecasters also warned that the sea will be rough on Monday.

On Tuesday, forecasters said tht clouds will continue to increase, with some cumulus clouds raising the chance of sporadic rains and rising temperatures. Southeasterly and northeasterly winds of up to 45 kph, could kick up dust and rough seas.

On Wednesday, weathermen predict that the sky will be overcast, possibly bringing morning rain to some internal and eastern areas.

There will be a significant drop in temperature, too, especially in the country's western region. Northwesterly winds of up 50 kph means fine dust may be kicked up in exposed areas. The sea will be rough to very rough in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman, especially in the afternoon.

On Thursday, it will be partly cloudy with another slight drop in temperature and wind northwesterly winds from 20kph to 45 kph over the sea.

Fog alert

On Friday, humidity is expected to increase at night and in the morning with the chance of fog forming over different areas of the country.  

Southeasterly winds are expected to turn northwest at speeds of up to 35 kpm, and light to moderate waves predicted in the Arabian Gulf and Sea of Oman on Friday, according to the weather bureau.