Heavy rainfall in some parts of Abu Dhabi on July 6, 2021.
Heavy rainfall in some parts of Abu Dhabi Image Credit: National Center of Meteorology

It's raining in parts of the UAE. The National Center of Meteorology, on Tuesday evening, shared videos and issued weather alerts in Al Ain and other parts of Abu Dhabi. 

According to the NCM, moderate to heavy rainfall was reported over Al Sad in Al Ain, Sweihan-Abu Dhabi road, Al Khtam, Rimah, Al Khaznah, and regions surrounding Al Ain. The NCM issued a yellow and red weather alert for convective clouds.

According to the NCM, convective clouds were monitored over Al Ain by afternoon. The weather bureau told Gulf News that cloud seeding operations were conducted to enhance rainfall in the region.

Convective clouds, are formed due to high surface temperatures on land causing warm humid air to rise through cooler surrounding air in the atmosphere. Today, the highest temperature in the country was recorded at 47°C in Sweihan, Al Ain.

A video update also shows that strong winds blew sand and dust over exposed areas in this region.