191204 rough seas
Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: The weather today will be pleasant with sunny to partly cloudy skies across most parts of the UAE. According to the Met Office, clouds will form in some areas during the day. However, no rainfall has been predicted in the forecast.

On Monday morning, the Met Office issued yellow and orange alerts indicating rough sea conditions in the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea.

The National Center of Meteorology also shared a safety alert for beach goers to avoid swimming, diving, or marine activities till rough sea conditions last.

Temperatures across the country saw a dip over the weekend, with cloudy weather in Dubai on Sunday. Some parts of the country will see cloudy skies at times, the NCM added in their weather forecast. "Fair to partly cloudy, cloudy and hazy at times over some areas during day time," the weather bulletin said. 

Morning temperature readings across most parts of the UAE were below 21°C, today, with the lowest being 7.2°C in in Mebreh Mountain in Ras Al Khaimah.

The maximum temperatures in the country will be between 25 to 27°C in coastal areas, 27 to 30°C in internal areas, and 15 to 22°C in the mountain areas.

Humidity will increase by night and during the early morning hours on Tuesday. This will cause foggy and misty conditions tomorrow morning in some areas. Relative Humidity will be around 85 to 90 percent in most parts of the country, the NCM said.