Rains in Dubai
There were scattered showers across the country late on Wednesday night and early Thursday. Image Credit: Reader picture

Dubai: When it rains, it pours and on Wednesday (November 20), Dubai residents ensured that they would not miss this  rare opportunity of soaking in the rains.

Twitter and Instagram were abuzz with pictures and videos of residents getting out in the rains. See them enjoying.

Watch these chilren play in a poodle of water. @SunitaAnchan31 could not contain her excitment when she posted a video of her twitter handle of these children playing in a poodle of water. 

@khda retweeted a post by @EIS-Meadows. The post read: "It may be a dark, damp day in Dubai but our Year 6 students are having a wonderfully wet time at @WadiAdventureAE this morning.

@Nandan_Meera went on Instagram to express her happiness with Dubai rains. In her instagram post on Wednesday, November 20, she said: "In love with the weather today." In a lovely orange outfit in the garden she clearly seems at peace and loving her moment with the rain.

@desibychoice also posted a happy picture of herself on Wednesday, November 20. In her instagram post she said: "I have some relationship without you from my pas, and that is why I enjoy every bit of you... Yes, I have that relationship with rain.. In my kurti, totally apt for rain, paired with my #fitflop

Look at all the pictures posted by @JetFox90. @JetFox90 stepped out into the rains and took some nice pics for us see them.