Dubai skyline
Dubai skyline on a cloudy day. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

UAE residents around the coast of Abu Dhabi can still expect some rainfall but the weather has generally stabilised in other parts of the country.

According to an official from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), clouds are moving and gathering towards the western coast of the UAE.

Heavy rain poured over Dalma island today afternoon, around 1pm and NCM shared a video.

The region around the Sir Bani Yas Island and Zirku Island also had light rainfall in the afternoon.

The official said that convective clouds that are associated with rain and strong winds will remain around Abu Dhabi and the west of the UAE until Tuesday, gradually decreasing as the weekend approaches.

The skies are expected to remain clear to partly cloudy in Dubai and Sharjah. Residents in eastern and northern regions such as Fujairah and Masafi might experience light rainfall during the day today.

The skies tomorrow are expected to be generally clear with scattered clouds.

On Sunday, parts of the UAE had heavy rainfall throughout the day with temperatures falling three to six degrees because of the “cloud cover” according to the NCM official. The heavy rain caused floods and traffic jams in some parts of the UAE.

As the clouds decrease, the temperature is expected to return to what is expected during this period of the year in the UAE. Typically temperatures are at around mid to high 20s in November.

The lowest temperature recorded over the country on Monday morning was 9.5 °C in Jebel Jais mountain at 00:15am.

The cloud activity is also associated with winds. Fresh winds are expected to blow as evening approaches.

Strong winds are expected to blow over the Oman Sea and Arabian Gulf.

Due to the winds, conditions at the Oman Sea are currently rough and are expected to get rougher till gradually stabilising on Tuesday afternoon.