File picture: Temperature is also expected to slightly increase throughout the UAE. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: It’s going to be a partly cloudy and hot on Wednesday, with temperatures reaching up to 45 °C.

According to the National Center of Meteorology, the skies will be partly cloudy, especially in the southern areas, such as Abu Dhabi, and eastern, such as Fujairah, part of the UAE.

Throughout the day, winds are expected repeatedly blow, at a speed of 18-30 km/h, reaching up to 40 km/h at times.

Temperatures are also expected to slightly increase throughout the UAE.

The maximum recorded temperatures are expected to range from 35- 45°C, whereas the minimum are expected to be between 32 – 35 °C throughout the emirates.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are expected to be the warmest out of the emirates. If you are planning to go outdoors during the day, take necessary precautions.

Carry an umbrella to protect yourself from direct sunlight, stay hydrated and avoid wearing heavy clothing.

The conditions at the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea are expected to be moderately calm.