Cyclone Kyarr
Cyclone Kyarr moving towards the Arabian Sea. Image Credit: Twitter/ Courtesy: @OmanMeteorology

Dubai: Tropical Cyclone Kyarr on the Arabian Sea is gaining strength and is deepening into category 4 cyclone that is expected to cause rough seas and storm surges over the eastern coast of UAE starting Monday night.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) on Sunday afternoon alerted UAE residents that Tropical Cyclone Kyarr currently at latitude 17.2 degrees north and longitude 67.6 degrees east of the Arabian Sea is expected to move west northwest to the centre of the Arabian Sea.

The tropical cyclone will further intensify over the next 24 hours to category 5 with estimated wind speed of 255km/hr to 265km/hr.

Residents over the eastern coast have been advised to take caution and pay attention to weather alerts issued by NCM as rough seas and storm surges in some areas during the period of high tide are expected beginning Monday night‬, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If it doesn't change its course, Kyarr is expected to move towards the Arabian Peninsula later this week, hitting either Oman or Yemen.

Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Meteorology in Oman has issued an alert over 3-5 metre waves expected to hit the shoreline in the next few days.

The high waves are expected to affect the eastern and central regions of the country, including the Dhofar Governorate, which will coincide with Tropical Cyclone Kyarr that was upgraded to a category 4 on Sunday.

In its latest update, the Met Office in Oman said the cyclone was around 1,140 km away from Ras Madrakah Beach in Duqm, a coastal town in the Al Wusta Governorate in the central-eastern part of the country.

“Sea conditions across the coasts of South Al Sharqiyah, Al Wusta and Dhofar will be moderate to rough with maximum wave heights ranging between two and three metres, with chances of seawater inundation over low-level coastal areas starting from Saturday afternoon,” said the National Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre at the Directorate General of Meteorology in Oman.

“The National Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre's analysis indicates that the tropical cyclone Kyarr over eastern parts of the Arabian Sea near the coast of India on 26 October is located at longitude 70 degrees east and latitude 16.5 degrees north,” said the Public Authority for Civil Aviation’s Directorate General of Meteorology.

“The tropical cyclone is about 350km away from the Indian coast and about 1,350 km from the closest point of the Sultanate’s coast, Ras Madrakah.”