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Motorists were alerted to foggy conditions and humidity hits new highs Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche/Gulf News

Dubai: The UAE is set to cool down as the astronomical autumn season begins on September 23, Saturday, weather experts predicted. UAE is set to experience a noticeable change in its weather patterns.

Daytime temperatures will start to moderate, while nights will get progressively cooler.

This shift will be particularly evident during October and November, as the nation readies itself for winter starting in the latter part of December.

The National Center of Meteorology has indicated that the UAE is currently entering its second transitional period - the phase between the summer and winter seasons.

This period is typically marked by swift and pronounced changes in weather patterns. The Indian seasonal depression begins to weaken, making way for the influence of the Siberian air altitude, which impacts the Arabian Gulf region at large.

By December 21, as autumn gives way to winter, the dominating climatic force in the UAE will be the Siberian High, extending from the north. Residents can anticipate this shift to become more pronounced as the new year approaches.