A car on drives through the rain on Kalidiya Road in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News

Al Ain: Thunderstorm and rain is expected to hit different parts of the emirates on Friday as an unstable weather system has been heading towards the country, according to the national weather bureau.

The system is currently giving rain in the upper Arabian Gulf and conditions in the UAE are expected to come under its influence from Thursday night.

The amount of clouds will increase by Wednesday night, specially over islands and coastal areas with a chance of rain.

Meanwhile, strong winds have been kicking up dust and sands in the coastal and interior areas of the western and northern parts of the country, reducing horizontal visibility to less than 500 meters on Thursday.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) issued a weather alert asking people to be careful in these areas. The sea is also rough. The dusty and windy conditions are likely to continue until 8:00pm today evening.

Temperatures are expected to rise during the daytime and amount of clouds will increase in the night with chances of rain, particularly in the northern areas, said forecasters.

"We are expecting rain on Friday," said a weatherman, noting that chances are more over northern areas. Winds will also create some problem as they will, blowing from the north-westerly direction, kick up dust and sand.

The dust particles could remain suspended in the air that could result in decreasing the horizontal visibility.

The sea will generally be moderately rough but can become rough at times on Thursday.

People planning sea trips during the weekends must be careful and must monitor the weather conditions before embarking upon the trip.

The sea will be very rough on Friday, according to a forecast of the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS). The centre has, however, has not yet issued any official weather alert.

He said the temperature will rise until Friday and than a gradual fall in mercury level is expected. On Thursday, the conditions would be hazy and partly cloudy in general.

Moderate south-easterly winds will be blowing in general that will rise the daytime temperature and blow dust over some interior areas.

On Wednesday, temperature is to remain between 17 to 27 degree Celsius in the coastal areas, 13 to 33 in the interior areas, and 11 to 22 degree Celsius in mountainous areas.