Al Ain
Extreme caution urged as severe sandstorm curbs visibility in Al Ain. Image Credit: Jay Hilotin/Gulf News

Al Ain: Heavy rain was reported in Al Ain on Friday both by the National Centre of Meteorology and Storm Centre twitter feeds.

NCM tweeted of heavy rain over Malaqit and heavy to moderate rain over Khatam Al Shaklah and Al Dhahir. Later reports tweeted heavy rain over Mubazarah, Alsaa and Neima areas of the city.

Meanwhile, the Storm Centre twitter feed tweeted videos of heavy rain, hail and thunder in Al Ain with cars struggling through the downpours.

Rain is expected to loom over the coming days as well with NCM forecasts predicting convective cloud formation associated with rain in the east and south with moderate south easterly to north easterly winds reaching speeds of 45-km/h blowing up dust with slight to moderate sea conditions expected over the next four days. Wind strengths will fade towards highs of 38-km/h by Tuesday, but the threat of convective cloud especially from the east will continue until midweek.