Dubai: Don’t forget your sunscreens and wear light-coloured and lightweight clothing if you’re heading outdoors this Eid Al Fitr holiday as the UAE’s weather will be hot in general during daytime and hot to warm in the evenings.

There will be plenty of sunshine this weekend until Sunday while winds will kick up dust that will cause hazy conditions.

“The National Centre of Meteorology advises avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and wearing appropriate clothing while going outdoors. It is recommended that asthma patients avoid exposure to open spaces, especially during daytime,” an NCM forecaster said in a statement.

The NCM also cautioned motorists to keep safe distance between vehicles and observe traffic rules as horizontal visibility will deteriorate due to dust and blowing sand.

“Winds will be westerly to northwesterly, moderate to fresh during daytime especially over the sea, blowing dust with poor visibility at times over some areas. The winds will be moderate to light during night inland,” he said.

Maximum temperatures in coastal areas and islands will range between 37 degree Celsius and 43C. Dubai will have 38C while Sharjah will have 40C and Abu Dhabi 42C on Thursday.

Internal areas will be hotter during daytime with the mercury peaking at between 44C and 48C. While the mountain areas will have 31C to 36C.

Relative humidity will increase during late night especially over the northern coasts. Dubai and Sharjah’s humidity might hit 93 per cent on Thursday, dropping to 85 per cent and 90 per cent, respectively, the next day. The rest of the coastal areas will have a maximum of between 70 per cent and 85 per cent.

The Arabian Sea will be moderate on Thursday and Friday, becoming rough by Friday night up till next Sunday. The Oman Sea will be slight to moderate on Thursday and Friday, becoming moderate to rough on Saturday and Sunday.