Hot and hazy dubai 012
It's hot and hazy in Dubai, with blowing dust. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: UAE residents can expect overcast skies and slight rain, as cloud cover is expected to increase in some parts of the country today.

It rained over parts of Al Ain yesterday.

According the daily weather forecast, hazy conditions will continue during the day.

Dusty conditions usually affect visibility and can be difficult for those prone to allergies, so we advise people to be on the look-out of they are heading outside, especially in the afternoon.

Afternoon winds blowing at a speed of 18 to 30 km/h can add to the hazy conditions.

The Arabian and Gulf Seas will be moderate in general.

While current temperatures are in the high 30s, residents can expect it to go up to 45°C during the day.

It will be less humid at night, with the per cent of relative humidity being between 50 to 65 per cent.

If you’re planning to go for an evening stroll, the weather seems favorable.

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