Mercury is likely to start going down gradually across the emirates as the cold spell sets in by the winds coming from the east and south-east. Image Credit: AP

Dubai: The weather across the UAE is expected to get stickier as humidity levels are expected to rise by Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) said the weather will become “very hot and hazy” over the next two days, especially over coastal areas.

The highest temperature recorded on Sunday was 51.8 degrees Celsius in Mezaira, at 3pm. 

Temperatures on Monday are expected to reach 44C in coastal areas and 47C in internal areas, with humidity levels to reach up to 80 per cent. 

Southeasterly to Northeasterly winds will blow across the country, at around 35km/h, which will pick up dust and sand from exposed areas.

The NCMS predicts the weather until Wednesday to continue being hot and hazy, although there is a chance of convective clouds to form over the eastern areas, bringing about some rainfall that may also extend to internal areas.

Residents are also advised to prepare for dust and sand storms, as gusts of wind is expected to blow across the UAE in the afternoon.

The sea will have mild waves in the Arabian Gulf and may become rough in the Oman Sea.