Abu Dhabi: Construction companies in the capital have been asked to stop all lifting operations and work at heights in light of current weather conditions.

In a bulletin, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, which regulates safety in the construction sector, also called upon all companies in the construction and building sector to undertake necessary precautions while adverse weather conditions like high-speed wind persist.

“All necessary control measures should be implemented in order to eliminate and minimise related incidents,” the bulletin said.

The municipality urged a halting all lifting operations by tower, mobile cranes and cradles, as well as work at heights in open areas. Machines and equipment at heights should also be turned off in unstable weather.

Tower cranes and scaffolding should also be safely secured, especially those in demolitions projects. In addition, all demolition activities should be suspended.

The municipality also urged companies to inform workers about the working hazards in current weather conditions, and to evacuate them to the nearest assembly points until the high winds subside.

The capital has not seen rain since the morning in its downtown areas, but heavy showers have drenched areas on the outskirts, including Taweelah. The forecast from the weather bureau, the National Centre of Meteorology, also predicts that wind speeds could reach up to 50 kilometres per hour in internal areas, and up to 65 kilometres per hour in coastal areas.