Sharjah-Khor Fakkan road
Five new smart radars have been installed by Sharjah Police Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Sharjah: Motorists, watch out! Sharjah Police have installed five new smart radars on Khor Fakkan Road to check speeding and tailgating. The radars are ebeing activated from today.

The smart radars are very unique, said Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Alay Al Naqbi, director of the Traffic and Patrol Department at Sharjah Police, noting that they were installed during the weekend.

The radars are located between Shais and Khor Fakkan, he said.

The radars can catch different traffic violations from two angles at the same time and can catch heavy vehicles which are not permitted on the road,he said.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Naqbi said the new radars have the ability to cover all lanes, with cameras equipped for 24/7 transmission.

Police have set the speed limit on the road at 80km/h and another at 100km/h.

Smart radars at a glance:

Can monitor multiple vehicles on multiple lanes simultaneously

Identify with precision a series of violations

Monitor inbound and outbound traffic

Can work amid heavy traffic and challenging settings

Capable of variable speed enforcement for different lanes and vehicles classes

Can catch heavy vehicles which are not allowed on this road