Dubai Police use scooters for COVID-19 restriction movement patrols
Dubai Police use scooters for COVID-19 restriction movement patrols Image Credit: Dubai Police

Dubai: Dubai Police are using smart scooters on their patrols to ensure everyone abides by coronavirus precautionary measures.

A video issued by Dubai Police on Wednesday, showed three policemen using unique scooters to tour the city, stopping residents and checking their reasons for being out between 10pm to 6am.

Dubai Police using smart scooters Supplied

“In line with the ongoing efforts to maintain safety and security of community members, Dubai Police continue the efforts to contain the spread of novel coronavirus by using all sort of means including the smart scooter to counter violators of precautionary measures,” Dubai Police said in the video posted on their social media platforms.

Dubai Police have called on the public to comply with the instructions issued by health and security authorities in the UAE to limit social contacts amid the spread of COVID-19 to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Violators are subject to imprisonments and/or fines as per the Communicable Diseases Law, according to Dubai Police.

Dubai Police said in a statement earlier that there will be zero tolerance for reckless people who don’t follow safety instructions.