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Cargo from the vessel floats in the Khalid lagoon after it capsized. Image Credit: Screengrab

Sharjah: Sharjah Police rescued five Asian sailors and prevented their dhow from sinking in the Khalid lagoon, an official said on Sunday. The sailors were brought to safety after their vessel capsized shortly after leaving Khalid Port heading to Iran.

The dhow was filled with water, which was caused by overloading commercial cargo. “The dhow was sailing out of Khalid Port heading to Iran. The Command and Control Centre at Sharjah Police received an emergency call on Friday at 5.30pm from the dhow’s captain as water started filling their boat,” an official said.

Sharjah Police maritime patrols along Mina police station were dispatched to the dhow. The rescue teams were able to rescue the crew members and the goods were salvaged from the sea. Sharjah Police team realised the leakage of huge quantities of water occurred due to overloading. Rescue teams succeeded in towing the dhow to a nearby dock.

A marine agency spokesperson told Gulf News that the accident occurred due the vessel losing its balance and the goods not being arranged properly. The vessel was loaded with various items, including electronics, worth more than Dh500,000, according to marine agency. The vessel could carry up to 300kg. However, the vessel and the goods have insurance.

The owner of the boat was taken to police custody for questioning. He later received bail. The case has been referred to public prosecution for further action.