High levels of personalisation and customised solution provision are the highlights of the Vazir Group experience Image Credit: Supplied

Vazir Group is an immigration advisory boutique that helps you secure your future and access global opportunities. It works with specialists and experts in some of the world’s most attractive destinations to create immigration solutions that break down barriers and connect you with the world.

With Vazir Group, you never walk alone. Its expert consultants support you at each step of your journey until you reach your new home.

Trusted, confidential, personalised

Vazir Group does things differently. It doesn’t believe in mass market and doesn’t make promises it can’t keep. Its goal is to make you feel at home the minute you walk through its doors. It maintains this high level of personalisation and customised solution provision throughout your relocation journey.

Vazir Group only offers selective programmes whose quality it believes in, and those that offer high rates of success. Its relocation destinations are hand-picked based on results and the benefits they offer.

The group specialises in rapidly achievable programmes requiring reasonable investments. Its programmes don’t just relocate you but ensure that you have access to new opportunities and potential for business growth where you land.


Its teams are professional and transparent from the very start, and realistic about the avenues available to you. This helps the group honestly identify and overcome possible concerns, which translates into very high rates of success for its clients.

Its consultant teams stay constantly abreast of the rules and regulations shaping immigration. They are experts in matching you with programmes that best fit your needs and have the highest chances of success. They also help you create business plans and structure new opportunities for you at your destination.