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Vazir Group is an immigration boutique that supports people to live their dreams and build their new life abroad by providing them with the best legal team, quality professional advice and guidance.

The group is committed to helping and supporting the clients throughout their whole immigration process, educating and assisting them in each step of the application process. For clients who are facing certain difficulties to migrate through express entry process and other programmes, the team of experts at Vazir Group provides them with the best solutions and offers them programmes related to work permit with jobs or direct PR resolutions.

Offices in numerous provinces in Canada results in its clients’ higher and faster chance of approval. The team in Canada provides reliable post-landing services and the ICCRC agents have a vast knowledge of the trends and laws of the country in order to better assist the immigrants.

The immigration boutique doesn’t limit itself to helping individuals in their migration process, work permits along with legitimate jobs are also offered to skilled workers such as IT professionals, caregivers/ nurses, food supervisors, working executives and senior executive professionals. Since Vazir Group aims to provide the best services to their clients, the group encourages them to opt for a permanent residency in Canada in order for them to improve their quality of life abroad with benefits from healthcare and social services, to no tax on global income.

Vazir Group is the only immigration consultancy in the UAE that provides a variety of financial support. The group accepts payments through escrow accounts, in addition to a flexible payment plan via installments. Its clients are informed at each step of the process and the transactions are carried out only after their clear consent.

Vazir Group believes in providing the finest services in the most convenient, effective and efficient way to the clients, while reducing the risk of losing money, and applying for the process of immigration without obstacles of payments. It offers a smooth transaction option between Vazir Group and its clients.