Abu Dhabi: The special visit of the warship USS Port Royal (CG 73) to Abu Dhabi underlines the strong friendship that exists between the US and the UAE, Michael Corbin, the American Ambassador to the UAE, said.

The diplomat told Gulf News that the diplomatic and business relationships between the two countries are in excellent shape. "The visit of the ship is meant to strengthen military ties, particularly at this time since the region is in a state of turbulence," he said.


However, he said, the US shares UAE and GCC countries' concerns regarding Iran… "This is just a routine visit ... there will be no escalation with Iran unless it pushes [the US] … we are working on our continued cooperation with the GCC," he added.

Captain. Eric F. Weilenman, commanding officer of Port Royal, agreed.

"We have already docked in Bahrain and will be in the UAE for a few days; we will be participating in several maritime security operations that will allow us to strengthen our naval partnerships, which in turn, will promote economic prosperity in the region," he said.