191201 dubai rain
Overcast skies in Dubai Image Credit: Christian Borbon/Gulf News

It's raining in parts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) reported light rainfall in Dubai's Jebel Ali, while moderate rainfall was reported in Abu Dhabi's Al Sila in the Al Dhafra region on Sunday afternoon, as well as around 9:30am.

Residents in Dubai's Al Barsha also saw a light drizzle on Sunday afternoon.

A National Center of Meteorology official told Gulf News: "Cloud seeding operations were carried out in the UAE today, to enhance rainfall in the region."

The NCM official added that four flights had been completed till afternoon. More flights would be dispatched depending on rain bearing clouds appearing over the country.

In their weather forecast for the day, the NCM predicted partly cloudy to cloudy weather at times with a probability of light rain over some western and nothern areas. Light or scattered rainfall is expected in coastal regions of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah, with a slight dip in temperatures. The temperatures are expected to rise on Monday.

Cloud activity on Sunday, Feb 21
Cloud activity (clouds/humidity) over the UAE on Sunday, Feb 21 at 12:48pm.

The weather is expected to be slightly windy. "Moderate to fresh Northwesterly winds, with speed of 15 - 25 reaching 35 Km/hr," said the NCM forecast for today.

Windy weather conditions will cause the sea to be rough in the Arabian Gulf, and slightly rough in the Oman Sea.

However, on Monday, the weather will be partly cloudy to sunny. Humidity is expected to increase in some Western areas and the temperatures will see an increase across the country.

More rainy weather is expected this week from Tuesday to Saturday, the NCM official confirmed.