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Dubai: ‘Difficult Missions’ teams from Dubai Police have rescued people in 97 incidents so far this year, officials revealed on Monday.

In cooperation with partners, the teams successfully rescued people stuck in cars, lifts and homes; people who fell from heights; those trapped in narrow places and potholes; as well as people stranded in valleys due to torrents and those caught in fire accidents.

Major General Saeed Hamad bin Sulaiman, director of the police’s General Department of Transport and Rescue, said that under directives of Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, the Difficult Missions teams are always ready to tackle all emergencies around the clock.

Major General Saeed Hamad bin Sulaiman

“Our teams work in shifts. As soon as they receive a report, they jump to the rescue and attend to people’s emergencies whenever and wherever they are,” he added.

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Rapid response

The director said the teams achieved a speedy response in dealing with accidents in only three minutes, while the target was seven minutes. The swift responses are attributed to the rapid deployment across 11 land points belonging to the Search and Rescue Department of the General Department of Transport and Rescue throughout the emirate of Dubai.

He added that the Department is always keen on carrying out training sessions to qualify the cadres and rescue teams in various fields, which varied between the tasks of handling traffic and fire accidents, performing first aid, and rescuing the trapped or those lost in desert areas and stranded in valleys.

“The Difficult Missions Department has carried qualification courses in various fields including, first aid, GPS navigation devices, rescue diver, diving for rescuers, night diving, diving in shipwrecks, deep diving ... handling rescue equipment, land rescuing, and dealing with heavy and light cranes used in rescue operations.”