Ankur Aggarwal CEO and Founder, Bricks n Woods Real Estate LLC

As members of the Institute of Chartered Accounts of India, (Dubai Chapter) celebrated the 75th CA Day on July 8 at the Investment and Real Estate Summit, CA Ankur Aggarwal, CEO and Founder of Bricks n Woods Real Estate elaborated on investment opportunities in UAE real estate during his main stage address

The 75th CA Day celebrations, organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (Dubai chapter), was a grand affair. Held on July 8 at The Address, Marina as part of the body’s annual Investment and Real Estate Summit, the event hosted between 800-1,000 high-profile chartered accountancy professionals.

The ICAI Dubai Chapter is a leading professional organisation catering to the Indian chartered accountants community in Dubai, and consistently endeavours to foster professional development and facilitate networking opportunities within the industry. Through its various events and seminars, the ICAI Dubai Chapter serves as a catalyst for growth and collaboration in the UAE’s financial landscape.

The networking opportunities aside, the current edition of the Investment and Real Estate Summit was also a revelation for guests, thanks in part to the sterling speech delivered by CA Ankur Aggarwal, CEO and founder of Brick n Woods Real Estate. Aggarwal, a renowned expert on real estate, enthralled audiences as he elaborated on the topic, Investment Opportunities in UAE Real Estate, unveiling the UAE sector’s vast and untapped potential.

Blending insightful analysis with captivating storytelling, Aggarwal charted out the investment landscape while spotlighting three of the UAE’s most prominent emirates on his road map - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah. Succinctly covering key economic indicators and the visionary aspirations of these three emirates, Aggarwal also chose to underline the magnetism of Dubai, that had wowed the world.

Dubai: A world of investment opportunities

Making Dubai central to his discourse, Aggarwal hailed the emirate as the epitome of ambition and innovation. Addressing the gathering, he said, “With its iconic skyline and transformative projects, Dubai stands tall as an oasis of opportunity for real estate investors. The city’s dynamic market offers an extensive range of commercial and residential properties, promising substantial returns for those astute enough to seize them.”

Elite investment frontiers: Gateway to prosperity

Continuing his speech, Aggarwal went on to unveil key secrets to unlocking prosperity, shedding light on the four elite investment frontiers that have captivated audiences within the UAE, as below:

1. Developer model

Aggarwal mentioned that by investing in carefully selected land parcels and meticulously planning residential or commercial buildings, investors could tap into burgeoning market demand. The UAE’s expanding population and thriving business landscape promote an ideal environment for reaping substantial financial rewards.

2. JV partner model

Aggarwal highlighted that joint ventures open doors to a world of possibilities by leveraging the local knowledge and resources of trusted partners. He believed that the power of collaboration amplified investor ability to navigate markets effectively and unlock synergistic opportunities.

3. Underwriting model

For risk-averse investors seeking security and transparency, Aggarwal suggested the underwriting model as a safe haven. By investing in meticulously vetted projects with guaranteed returns, individuals could enjoy peace of mind while capitalising on the UAE’s real estate boom.

4. Marjan Island

Painting a vivid picture of Ras Al Khaimah’s captivating Marjan Island, Aggarwal unveiled this pristine waterfront paradise as an investment frontier like no other. “The harmonious blend of residential, commercial, and leisure properties at Marjan Island creates a world of possibilities for those seeking diversity and long-term growth,” he said.

Make informed decisions

In closing, Aggarwal’s speech at the Investment and Real Estate Summit played a critical role in not just arming audiences and investors with invaluable insights into the thriving real estate market of the UAE, it was also a mesmerising discourse that provided ideas to help them make informed choices on investment decisions. Today, as global investors continue their quest for exceptional returns, Aggarwal’s speech fortifies the fact that the UAE’s real estate sector stands as a beacon of opportunity, promising limitless potential.