Dubai: The officials have come forward to help a woman who claimed on social media that she was forced to flee from Dubai, leaving her children there, and seek asylum in Macedonia to escape from the alleged abuse from her family.

The UAE Embassy in Rome, which is responsible for diplomatic and consular affairs in the Republic of Macedonia, said it was aware of “Mrs Albolooki’s social media posts.” The embassy will collect any evidence of illegal threats made against her and pass it to police so that it can be fully investigated, said a statement posted the embassy’s twitter handle on Friday.

“Domestic abuse is a serious crime, and has no place whatsoever in the UAE; Emirati women are protected and fully empowered under UAE laws.” The embassy said crimes involving harm against women are prosecuted under UAE law, and these allegations should and will be fully investigated.

A senior Dubai government official also offered help to the woman.

“I was recently made aware of the case of @HAlbolooki. I am writing this to publicly demonstrate my support to this case. Everyone is entitled to have freedom especially women. Dubai and the leadership have set clear policies and laws to protect women in these circumstances,” tweeted Afra Al Basti the director-general of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children on Friday.

Domestic abuse is a serious crime, and has no place whatsoever in the UAE

- UAE Embassy in Rome

“I have personally selected lawyers that are ready to assist @HAlbolooki and guide her through this process. My top priority is to safely reunite @HAlbolooki with her children,” Al Basti tweeted.

The distressed woman named Hind Al AlBolooki (@HAlbolooki) has alleged in a video posted on social media that she ran away from Dubai and went to Macedonia, after her father, brother and uncle threatened her after she demanded divorce from her husband. She further claimed that she left her children behind as she had no other option.