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As we mark 50 years of uniting as one nation, and initiate the next chapter of our extraordinary journey, we take pride and inspiration from the UAE’s incredible progress and its unflagging ambition to build prosperity and expand opportunities for all.

The UAE has long been a global crossroads for business, trade and tourism, and one of our nation’s greatest assets is its strategic location and superior infrastructure. Our visionary leadership long recognised the critical role that air transport plays as an enabler in achieving economic growth and development, and Emirates has been at the centre of this ambitious, innovative, and rapidly evolving aviation ecosystem. Our airports, airlines, air navigation and all the technical and support services essential to aviation are recognised for their quality and capabilities on the global stage.

From humble beginnings, Emirates has become one of the world’s largest international airlines, dramatically influencing the global air transport industry, and demonstrating that things can be done differently, profitably, and for the benefit of the traveller. Whether it was introducing product innovations like enclosed private suites, showers, and bars into mainstream commercial aviation, or advancing new aviation technologies, we always put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

The UAE is fortunate to be led by a visionary leadership, which has supported and enabled the development of a world class aviation system with its progressive policies and investments. Public and private sector stakeholders work collaboratively to meticulously plan and execute investments in world-class airport infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies, best-in-class logistics hubs for efficient trading — all to channel an easy, and seamless flow of people, goods and services. Dubai has built an enviable position as the busiest international air transport hub in the world with Emirates alone connecting the UAE to more than 120 cities around the world. That global connectivity is exponentially amplified when factoring the 100+ other international airlines that serve the UAE across its airports.

As an aviation ecosystem, we have come together during the pandemic to overcome challenges and work towards shared goals, ensuring we meet and exceed changing traveller expectations at every touchpoint of their journey. We are collectively emerging stronger, strengthening our business, maintaining our leading position, and continuing our positive trajectory towards recovery.

This year, the UAE has become ‘front and centre’ on the world’s stage, helping propel the engines of global dialogue and cooperation at Expo 2020 Dubai. By providing essential air connectivity, we are proud to help bring people together from all over the world, and enable the global event to fulfill its mission to drive critical initiatives and foster discussions to help find solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

As we continue to build our future as a nation, we’re optimistic that our best days are ahead. Aviation will continue to contribute to the UAE’s economic growth, and empower the vibrant global community that work and live in the UAE to flourish.