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Question: As per the UAE labour law does an employee have the right to work for another employer during their annual leave, especially if the annual leave is more than two months? What penalty is imposed and does the employer have the right to terminate your employment if you get caught doing this?

Answer: UAE Labour Law Federal Law No.8 of 1980, article 88, says, “No worker shall work for another employer while on annual leave or sick leave. Where the employer establishes that the employee has done so, he may terminate the employees services without notice and deprive the employee of remuneration in respect to the period of leave.”

Question: I’m a partner in a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Do you have to have a certain number of shares before you can attend a general assembly? If I’m not in the UAE can I delegate the right to my son to attend the meeting? Must all partners attend to make the meeting valid?

Answer: Company Commercial Federal Law No.2, 2015, article no.95 and 96 states, “Irrespective of the number of shares held, every partner has the right to attend a general assembly in person or they may delegate another person the memorandum of association permits to represent a partner. Every partner shall also have a number of votes equal to the number of shares they hold.

“The quorum at the general assembly won’t be valid unless one or more partners holding at least 75 per cent of the capital of the company are present. If not present partners will be invited to another meeting held within 14 days provided those holding at least 50 per cent of the capital are present. If 50 per cent is not present a third meeting held within 30 days of the second meeting must be arranged and will go ahead irrespective of the percentage worth of capital present. Decisions will not be valid unless passed by the majority of partners present either in person or through an agreed representative, unless the memorandum of association provides for a higher majority.”