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Ministry of Community Development organises ‘We are Your Family’ initiative' in UAE

Dubai: On the occasion of Eid Al Adha, staff of the Ministry of Community Development congratulated senior citizens in the UAE through phone and video calls as part of its ‘We are Your Family’ initiative, held under the theme #Let’s Celebrate_Safely.

Alia Al Joker, director of the ministry’s Family Development Department, said: “The ministry organised this initiative to interact and communicate with senior citizens by distributing Eid gifts at the senior Emiratis’ happiness centres in several emirates, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.”

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Al Joker added that the initiative coincides with UAE government directives to celebrate Eid safely with senior citizens and their families, promote interaction in accordance with safety measures and increase the awareness of the community to follow COVID-19 precautionary measures issued by authorities during the Eid holiday.

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The Ministry of Community Development distributes Eid gifts among senior citizens.

National policy

She also said the ‘You are the Joy of our Eid’ initiative is based on exchanging greetings and interacting with senior citizens, giving them gifts during Eid to reflect the UAE’s care for them. “This initiative is part of the UAE government’s support, development and attention to senior citizens. It seeks to improve their wellbeing and ensure their active and continuous participation in line with the objectives of the National Policy for Senior Emiratis, which is based on seven key pillars: health care, community involvement and active life, elderly investment and effective civic participation, future quality of life, infrastructure and transportation, financial stability, safety and security.”

The ministry is using technology to promote virtual meetings, with senior citizens in particular, to ensure the celebration of Eid with commitment towards applying precautionary measures, reducing gatherings and visits, and staying away from crowded places.