Dubai: More and more users are visiting the UAE government portal, which had about three million visits in total by mid-March 2018 and the number of portal page views of six million.

The official portal’s increase in number of visits has doubled seven times in almost a year since its launch in April 2014.

The webpage on Value Added Tax (VAT), introduced in the UAE on January 1 this year, was the most viewed page, followed by the visa and work pages.

Salem Al Housani, Acting Deputy Director-General for Information and E-Government Sector in the TRA, noted that the official portal of the UAE government has become the one-stop shop for anyone seeking information about the UAE in any field.

“The portal is the UAE government’s online presence, which is in line with the directives of the wise leadership towards establishing UAE leadership and contributing to the happiness of government customers. The portal includes broad information relevant to service seekers, in addition to government policies, decisions and projects, as well as links to government and eServices. The portal also embodies the principle of positive interaction between the government and the public through multiple communication channels that contribute to improving the content and functions of the portal,” he said.

“We are looking at the upward growth of the rate of demand for the high-value content available on the UAE government official portal as it is reflecting the customer happiness,” he added.

The portal is an integrated platform that brings together all the eServices provided by government entities in the UAE. In recent months, the portal ranking on the search engines has jumped to the top results for many of the keywords used by users in their search for information and services provided by the UAE government.

For people outside the UAE, the portal is the first stop for anyone interested in coming to the UAE for tourism, work or investment. This is evident from the many enquiries coming through the communication channels in the portal about opportunities of investment, tourism or employment.

TRA is currently in the process of launching a campaign aimed at promoting public participation in developing the portal content and services. Privileged contributors that benefit users and enrich the content will be awarded.

The TRA last week launched the UX Lab or the User Experience lab that will help develop the digital presence of government entities on the web, smartphone or on service booths by making them user-friendly and more engaging. It also enables members of the public to measure the efficiency of the content and topics in the portal.