191018 Lebanon
Lebanese riot police fire tear gas during a protest against government's plans to impose new taxes in Beirut, Lebanon, Friday, Oct. 18, 2019. Image Credit: AP

Dubai: The UAE Embassy in Beirut issued a travel advisory to citizens travelling to Lebanon on Friday in the wake of protests over propsed new taxes amid an economic crisis.

A tweet from the UAE Embassy in Beirut read: “The UAE Embassy in Beirut warns nationals in all Lebanese regions of the need to avoid places of demonstrations, and stay in their residence to ensure their safety and security, and to communicate when necessary to provide assistance on the following numbers 009615928000, 0096171111856 and 097180044444.”

A second day of protests over new taxes saw roads blocked and tyres burned. One of the taxes suggested is on voice calls through Whatsapp. On Thursday two Syrians died when they were trapped inside a shop burned down by protestors.