Dubai skyline
Dubai skyline Image Credit: Pixabay

UAE will have clear skies and picnic-perfect weather today. According to UAE's National Center of Meteorology, in their daily weather forecast, said: "The weather will be clear to partly cloudy."

Today, the maximum temperatures in the internal areas of the country are expected to reach 24-28°C. In the coastal areas, temperature highs will be between 23-27°C, and 21-25°C in the mountainous regions.

Perfect weather for some festive baking! Here are two recipes to try:

Relative humidity will be moderately high in the UAE's coastal and internal areas, hitting a maximum of 80-85 per cent. In the mountainous regions it will go up to a maximum of 65 per cent.

With no major weather warnings, residents can expect a slight breeze throughout the day, NCM said:"[There will be] light to moderate winds."

Planning a beach trip? The sea along the UAE's coastline will be relatively calm, or "slight to moderate" according to UAE's weather bureau.

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