Abu Dhabi Court. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Court of Personal Status has annulled a marriage contract, months after the wedding, due to the husband’s failure to provide his wife with a home as agreed in writing.

Several months after the wedding, the marital home was prepared in the husband’s family home, where the wife was told to stay along with the husband’s mother and four brothers. The husband claimed that this was a suitable home for them, bypassing the original condition of marriage, the court ruled. The court further clarified that spouses must comply with the pre-conditions for marriage, except for conditions that are forbidden or prohibited by Sharia.

“The marriage contract’s terms must be fulfilled and if a party breaches a condition, the other party may file for the annulment of marriage. However, the husband would be exempted from maintenance during the waiting period if the breach was on the part of the wife,” the wife’s lawyer said.

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He stressed that trust is the key to a decent life between spouses and it is the foundation of family and the basis for its continuity, so that both spouses can overcome the obstacles and pitfalls in a married life, lead a dignified and quiet life, filled with love and understanding.