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Dubai: A total of 48 Emiratis and expatriates got married at a special ‘Tolerance Mass Wedding’ ceremony organised by the Ministry of Community Development to mark the UAE’s 48th anniversary and the Tolerance Year 2019 in support of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB).

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The ceremony was held at the Al Rimal Ballroom on Dubai-Al Ain Road on Thursday. Nasser Ismail, Assistant Undersecretary of Social Care at the Ministry of Community Development, Abdulrahim Rahali, Consul-General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Dubai, a number of officials, parents and relatives of the Emirati and Arab grooms who met the conditions of the tolerance mass wedding were present at the ceremony.

The mass wedding included festive performances that reflected the popular folklore and cultures of the countries from which the grooms originated, reflcting an open environment based on positive coexistence, coherence and mutual respect among all.

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The assistant undersecretary of social care congratulated the participating youth in the tolerance mass wedding, reassuring them that their participation enhances the meaning of tolerance, coexistence and coherence between different nationals and community members in light of the UAE’s progress, leadership and happiness.

He emphasised the important role of partners in supporting mass weddings organised by the Ministry of Community Development with support from Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.

The bank’s chairman-Corporate Social Responsibility Council, said: “Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank regularly sponsors mass weddings for different categories in the UAE in recognition of the social and financial burdens that couple may face at the beginning of their married lives. The initiative of the bank to sponsor such mass weddings comes in line with our strategy to consolidate societal responsibility and as part of our efforts to encourage positive societal and environmental change. We look forward to supporting such initiatives that embody the spirit of giving and the concepts of community participation and at the same time reflect the traditions of Emirati society”.