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Sharjah: A 13-year-old Indian girl died after jumping from the 17th-floor balcony of her apartment in Al Nahda area of Sharjah on Wednesday afternoon, a Sharjah Police official said today.

Police investigations have confirmed it as a suicide incident. The official added that police are investigating the cause which led to the incident.

Police said: “The girl fell from the 17th floor of a tower. An investigation has been launched to determine what lead the girl to end her life.”

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According to witnesses, the girl led a “normal life” and there were no family issues. Her parents were shocked to learn their daughter had committed suicide.

As soon as Sharjah Police were notified about the incident by the building’s security, a team from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was dispatched to the building, who found the girl’s body on the ground. The body was moved to the forensic laboratory for autopsy.