Couple get engaged on an Emirates A380
Couple get engaged on an Emirates A380 en route to Johannesburg on Valentine's Day Image Credit: Emirates Instagram

Dubai: Emirates posted a video on Instagram of a marriage proposal at 38,000 feet on Valentines’ Day.

The footage – shot onboard an A380 on its way to Johannesburg from Dubai - shows William leading Vasti down the aisle of an A380 with rose petals guiding their way into the Onboard Lounge, before William got down on one knee and declared his love for Vasti.

Vasti accepted and the pair embraced and toasted their love for one another in the dimly lit lounge, where the onboard bar had been showered with rose petals and bubbles.

“Emirates Love Stories, she said yes on the A380,” starts the video, “Vasti always dreamt of a romantic proposal in the air and William the love of her life made it happen with the help of our cabin crew onboard an Emirates A380 to Johannesburg. Here’s wishing them all our love,” it added, before saying “Share your Emirates love stories with us:”

“Love is flying better on Emirates,” read the post. “Watch Vasti say ‘YES’ to William’s romantic proposal on our A380 Onboard Lounge. We’re celebrating love this February with ‘Emirates Love Stories,’ a series of heart-warming fan moments. Share your #EmiratesLoveStory with us.