Car fine indicator
Abu Dhabi Police will issue a Dh400 fine against motorists that do not inform other road-users when they intend to switch lanes. Image Credit: Screengrab

Abu Dhabi: Police have released a video to warn motorists that they are clamping down hard against drivers who fail to use their indicator lights.

In the awareness message, Abu Dhabi Police said a Dh400 fine will be slapped against road-users that do not inform other motorists when they intend to switch lanes, slow down or when there is an emergency on the road.

A car has several signalling devices, which include indicators, brake light, hazard warning light, headlights, reversing light and the car horn. These signalling devices are used by drivers to communicate to other road users what they intend to do. The purpose of the signals is to provide other road users with advanced warnings on what manoeuvre you intend to perform.

Indicator lights are amber in colour and can be located at the front and the rear of the car. Indicators should be used to show that a driver intends to change his or her direction, or when exiting on to an intersection.

Once the manoeuvre is completed, indicators should be switched off in order to confuse other road-users.

In a statement, Abu Dhabi Police said 278 traffic accidents were caused in 2018 as a result of motorists who suddenly deviated from the road and failed to use their indicators, which also led to 20 people with serious injuries.

From 1 January to 20 August of this year, police have so far recorded 235 accidents, one death and six injuries that were caused by not using the vehicle's indicator lights. Since last year, a total of 21,660 vehicles were issued fines for the non-use of indicators when changing directions, including 17,349 vehicles for 2018 and 4,311 vehicles from January to August 2019.

How to use indicators

Correct use of indicator
Abu Dhabi Police warn motorists to use their car indicators correctly. Image Credit: Screengrab

Start indicating a few seconds before you move to make others aware of your intentions. It is important to always check traffic in front and around you, as well as side and rear mirrors.

Indicate before you move, look over your left shoulder first, and then maneuver.

When you see somebody else indicating, be polite and caring and allow them to move.

Always indicate when you want to:

  • Change lanes
  • Take a turn
  • Exit a roundabout
  • Pull out of a parking slot
  • Take an exit

Source: Road Safety UAE