Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of the Interior has called on motorists to give way to ambulance, police and other emergency vehicles, and to adhere to the correct traffic behaviour when they pass, to ensure that they reach as quickly as possible to their destination.

Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority has shared an awareness video online about the danger of not giving way such vehicles while they are carrying out their official duties.

The authority announced that the penalty for not giving way to the vehicles is a fine of Dh3,000, impounding the vehicle for 30 days, and imposing 6 traffic points on the license of the vehicle owner.

The Ministry of the Interior had earlier announced an amendment to the violation of “failing to give way to emergency vehicles, ambulances, police or official convoys”, contained in the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law, and to tighten the penalty in order to ensure the greatest degree of traffic safety.

The decision aims to achieve the highest levels of traffic safety, reduce the number of deaths resulting from accidents, and achieve the target of the indicators of the national agenda according to the vision of the UAE government.

The Ministry of the Interior stated that it conducts civil patrols to control violations of obstruction of emergency vehicles and official vehicles, and monitors traffic and violations through smart systems and cameras installed on the roads or on emergency vehicles to ensure that everyone is safe and that these vehicles reach their desired places as quickly as possible and without obstruction or delay.

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The Ministry assured drivers that it is necessary when hearing sirens or seeing the lights of emergency vehicles, for everyone to take responsibility and contribute to enhancing safety and protecting lives and property by giving priority to these vehicles.