Sagar Adhikari, 25, Business Development Associate, Indian

Sagar Adhikari

"Last month, I started my driving lessons, but I have been driving in India for around nine years. I have to take only ten hours of classes and then appear for tests. I am hoping to clear all the criteria in the first attempt. I believe driving in the UAE is a necessity for people as it is not feasible for most expats to move around in a taxi. So, the overall cost of getting a license must not be kept unnecessary high or priced as a luxury."

Kawthar Bennani, 26, Digital Marketing Executive, Moroccan

Kawthar Bennani

"I had more than five years of experience of driving back home and had to take 20 hours of training. It took me around two months to get my license. The journey of getting a permit in the UAE is filled with a lot of mixed emotions — frustration, excitement, anger, joy and sometimes tears — so expect that to happen. Get enough sleep before the test day so you can focus well. Just be calm, and do whatever the educator is telling you."

Kashyap Kumar Barnawal, 32, Chartered Accountant, Nepalese

Kashyap Kumar Barnawal

"I passed my final road test at the fourth attempt, but it took five months to get my license. Lack of confidence was the main reason why I could not succeed in my previous efforts. Also, I had gone for my annual leave in between my training. Even my instructor didn’t give me proper attention and all that contributed to this delay. So, my suggestion to new learners is don’t interrupt the learning sessions for any reason. Take the opinion of your friends who have recently learned to select a good instructor. This will prevent delays. Lastly, be confident during the final road test as it determines your success in passing the test."

Angel Gaddi, 31, Hotel Manager, Filipino

Angel Gaddi

"It took me around six months to finish all my classes and pass the test. I failed a couple of times in the parking test, assessment test (pre-RTA road test), and later for the actual RTA test. Passing in the first try was difficult for me, but I didn’t know while learning that signing up for unlimited classes would be economical. So, my advice to those who are not confident about their driving skills is to get the unlimited class scheme as this will help in saving money."

Manoj Pareek, 45, Financial Consultant, Indian

Manoj Pareek

"I am happy that I got the license in the first attempt. My instructor has worked hard for me and trained very well, and giving good points for parking. When giving the tests, do not take any tension. Think you are driving your car and the examiner is just a passenger and then drive stress-free. In many cases, it’s the nervousness that leads to failure."

Joanne Rico, 37, Head of Marketing and Sales, Filipino

Joanne Rico

"I passed my test in my second attempt. The driving experience in my home country was different compared to here in the UAE. So I started from scratch both in theory and in practice. I learned road signs, road rules and real-life behaviour of other drivers and pedestrians on the road. I urge beginners to invest a significant amount of time and effort into the learning sessions on the road. It will boost your confidence and help you become more familiar with the real-life scenarios that you may encounter after driving school."

Sanju Saji, 26, Medical Records In-Charge, Indian

Sanju Saji

"I was lucky to clear my driving test in the first attempt in the UAE. This was because I knew the rules and regulations, and was driving in India for around six years. When appearing for the road test, don’t wear your sunglasses as examiners monitor your eye movements during the drive. Also, don’t talk to the examiner unnecessarily during the exam. Instead, carefully obey the instructions. And do not apply brakes suddenly, unless it’s an emergency."

Day-ann Sumabat, 28, Executive Assistant, Filipino

Day-ann Sumabat

"I began my classes last year in May, and now it’s the final stage of the RTA road test for me. As a beginner, I have had to take 40 hours of classes. In the driving school’s road assessment test, I have failed twice. Every time after failing, it is mandatory to take two extra classes. I have four hours of compulsory training left before they book the RTA road test for me. So, learning to drive is an expensive process."