A resident uses an older parking metre in Dubai Media City. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Anjana Kumar/ GN Archives

Dubai: Motorists in certain areas of Dubai can say goodbye to paper tickets thanks to the new, blue parking metres.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai confirmed that as of Monday, 18 May 2020, there will be “no paper parking tickets on the vehicle’s windshield”. The project is part of a smart transformation of the Parking Department to meet the needs of road users in line with the RTA's strategic goals: 'Smart Dubai and People Happiness'.

In a statement, the RTA clarified that paper parking tickets are not required to be displayed on windshields of vehicles parked at areas in which the new smart blue-coloured parking metres are installed.

RTA started the installation of these metres early 2020 and the phased installation will continue till 2020.

“Parking users in areas where these new parking meters are not installed have to continue displaying their parking tickets on the windshields of their vehicles to avoid offences. However, parking fees can be paid through smart means like the smart app and text messages; which eliminate the need for displaying paper parking tickets in all areas,” it said.

Over a series of phases, the parking machines have been updated to include an interactive touch screen, allowing the customer to enter the vehicle’s information and obtain an e-ticket, saving time and effort. There is also no need to print out the parking ticket, as it is all electronic and connected to the RTA’s system.

The new meters require customers to type their vehicle plate number on the touchscreen, as well as the duration of the parking. Once the details are filled out, users can then decide if they want to make the payment by coins or Nol card.

Paperless tickets

Blue parking metres in Dubai
The new parking metres are installed with a touchscreen for users to key in their vehicle's details. Image Credit: GN

The smart parking meters are fitted with interactive touch screens enabling users to enter vehicle details and have their electronic parking tickets issued.

The blue parking metres are paperless, which means that motorists do not have to display their parking ticket on the dashboard.

Once the payment is made, the user has the option of printing a paper receipt for the transaction. It is not required to place it on the dashboard, as it is only a reference for customers.