Sharjah will introduce toll gates to levy fees from trucks using the emirate's road network. The fees are likely to be up to Dh300 per trip. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Sharjah: Authorities in Sharjah will soon reveal the categories of heavy vehicles to be affected by a new toll charges that take effect on May 1.

Gulf News has learnt that heavy trucks of certain weight and length will face toll charges while trucks used to ferry light goods and agricultural produce will not be subjected to these charges.

"Transit trucks from neighbouring emirates of [a] weight and length above specific [criteria] will be charged [at toll] gates installed already [at] the borders of the emirates," a source from the Public Works Department said on condition of anonymity.


Gulf News learnt that one of the toll gates had already been installed on Al Dhaid road to levy toll fees on trucks coming from Fujairah and the eastern coast. The locations of other planned toll gates will be revealed later.

"The collection of the fees will be [done] electronically [through] a system similar to the one installed in Dubai some two and a half years ago," the source added.

"The amount of the [toll] fees and the fines to be levied on the trucks that are found violating toll regulations have not been finalised yet. A special decree will be announced in 48-72 hours."

The move is meant to rationalise the use of the road network in the country while controlling the number of trucks using Sharjah's road networks.

"One introduced, the toll will, hopefully, minimise the misuse of road facilities and enhance traffic safety in Sharjah," the source added.

Gulf News has learnt that Sharjah will introduce toll fees of up to Dh300 for trucks carrying heavy loads for each trip they make. There are plans for a fine of up to Dh3,000 for drivers violating the rules.

However, the figures are yet to be finalised and officially announced by the relevant authorities.

The toll plans were announced on Tuesday at an Executive Council meeting chaired by Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah.

The council approved the project and instructed the Public Works department to coordinate with the Legal Department at the Sharjah Ruler's Court for the preparation of a draft resolution to be issued later.