It takes several months to master sand driving techniques, but even that's no guarantee that you won't be stuck. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Dubai: Two months after the rule came into effect, Sharjah Police has issued its very first desert driving licence.

The Sharjah Driving Institute of Sharjah Police announced it has issued the first desert permit on December 18, 2018 after applicants successfully passed their practical tests.

The new licensing law came into effect on October 24, 2018, in cooperation with Sharjah Tourism Development Authority (TRA), in order to enhance the security and safety of families travelling through the desert dunes.

In order to obtain the desert driving permit, the driving institute will provide a series of theoretical and practical training courses where drivers will learn a number of skills, including how to drive through sand dunes and how to deal with the vehicle if stuck in the sand.

The new permits will be applied particularly on tourism companies who drive tourists in the desert of Sharjah.

This initiative, according to police, comes in line with the authority’s keenness to develop the level of service provided to the public, and ensuring the achievement of the strategic objective of the Ministry of Interior to enhance customer satisfaction.

Lt Col Majid Al Nuaimi, head of licensing department at Sharjah Police, pointed out that one of the requirements for obtaining a desert driving permit includes a valid driver's licence either issued in the UAE or an international driving licence issued at least six months prior.

“Applicants also have to pass the driving program of the Sharjah Driving Institute. The training includes both theoretical and practical driving, driving between sand dunes, and how to deal with the vehicle if it is suspended in the sand,” said Lt Col Al Nuaimi.