DubaiL In a new customer service initiative, the Licensing Agency at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is set to launch an e-link with all insurance companies operating in the UAE.

Ahmad Hashim Behroozian, CEO of the RTA Licensing Agency, said that through this link they intended to minimise errors made in entering insurance data upon the renewal of vehicle registration.

"The agency is launching the e-link initiative with insurance companies in order to retrieve insurance policy particulars online. This service enables customers to complete their transactions online without wasting time," Behroozian said.

Various channels

He added that the agency aims to provide vehicle licensing services, especially renewal of vehicle registration through various channels such as the internet and telephone.

"Some insurance companies have already engaged with the agency to achieve the intended goals of e-link."

He said the agency has set a cutoff date of Feburary 11 to establish the e-link with insurance companies.

"No manual insurance policy will be accepted for renewal of vehicle registration after the cut off date as the system will be fully relying on the e-data transmitted to the agency automatically from various systems used by insurance companies.

"The e-link will also support new channels to be launched shortly such as the internet and call centre."