Blue parking metres
Recently, the new parking metres have been creeping around Dubai neighbourhoods. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority have clarified an earlier Gulf News article entitled “Starting Monday, Dubai says goodbye to paper parking tickets,” which was published online on Sunday May 17 and in print on Monday May 18.

The RTA’s clarification read, “Paper parking tickets are not required to be displayed on windshields of vehicles parked in areas in which the new smart blue-coloured parking metres are installed.”

“Parking users in areas where these new parking meters are not installed (orange meters) have to continue displaying their parking tickets on the windshields of their vehicles to avoid offences. However, parking fees can be paid through smart means like the smart app and text messages; which eliminate the need for displaying paper parking tickets in all areas.”

The new blue meters have interactive screens which enables users to enter vehicle details and issue e-tickets.

The RTA started the installation of these metres in early 2020 and the phased installation will continue throughout 2020.