Mawaqif introduces paid parking in new area on Muroor road in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News

Al Ain: The Mawaqif paid parking system is headed towards Al Ain, the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport announced on Monday.

Throughout its introduction Mawaqif inspectors will be deployed at key locations in the city to raise awareness of the system’s benefits.

The department said that it has completed all requirements to start the service, which will be free of charge during its first phase. However, it has not said when the system will be fully effective and how long the first phase will last.

Some of the preparations included a study on the first phase areas of the project, which include the most crowded commercial, service and cultural locations in Al Ain.

According to the department, the study’s aim is to gauge the parking bay needs for these areas and to offer a number of solutions that can be provided there.

Some of these areas have their pavements and curbstones already painted.

“The launch of Mawaqif service in Al Ain is in line with the DoT’s strategy to come up with [an] efficient, integrated and proactive solution to help motorists reach various destinations easily and encourage them to use other transportation modes, especially the available public transportation system,” said Mohammad Hamad Bin Fahd Al Muhairi, general manager of Mawaqif at the ministry.

“Mawaqif will be implemented in various stages commencing in the heavily congested areas to relieve pressure on parking bays. I also invite the public to cooperate by fully adhering to parking laws and regulations and communicating with us for any suggestions and ideas deemed important to optimise the service”, he added.

Earlier this year the department launched the first underground multi-storey car park in Al Ain City which can accommodate 424 vehicles.