Emirates A380 plane
Picture for illustrative purposes: Emirates A380 in flight Image Credit: Emirates

Dubai: A passenger flying from Dubai to Boston on Emirates flight EK237 on Saturday died on board, the carrier confirmed.

The man collapsed on board, and cabin crew administered CPR to him. He was unresponsive, however, and passed away, Emirates said.

“After consulting doctors via Emirates’ Medlink system, our cabin crew administered CPR to the passenger,” a spokesperson said. “However, the passenger was unresponsive and sadly, passed away. Emirates expresses condolences to the family.”

The Dubai airline did not provide any further details on the passenger or his condition, saying it never discloses any passenger details. US media reported, though, that the passenger was a 59-year-old man who was in cardiac arrest during the flight. His cause of death is still unknown and pending autopsy results.

According to media reports, emergency services staff at Boston’s airport responded to the flight, which arrived shortly before 3pm (local time). Upon examining the passenger, they determined he had passed away.

Investigators determined that the man had flown from Boston to Chennai earlier in March, and had a layover in Dubai on his way back from India to the US, as per US media reports.

NBC News also said officials will conduct a test for coronavirus just out of an “abundance of caution,” given the man’s travel history. His family said he had no pre-existing medical conditions, but had been unwell prior to the flight, NBC News reported.