A customs and border protection officer at Miami airport, US. Air and rail travelers did not feel a big impact in 2013 because security officers and air traffic controllers remained at work. Passport processing continued with some delays. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Travellers to the US will have to run by their travel plans with American diplomatic missions first and check their eligibility to travel, warned UAE-based airlines.

On Tuesday, Etihad Airways posted a cautionary message on its website notifying travellers of Trump’s new travel ban, which will take effect on March 16, 2017.

The latest order means that nationals from six Muslim countries will not be allowed entry – unless they hold a valid US visa entry that was issued before 27 January, 2017.

In a statement, Etihad said: “Following the latest developments in the United States, the revised executive order (the ‘Order’) implements a ban on nationals of Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Libya from entering the United States for 90 days (120 days for refugees from Syria) unless they held a valid United States entry visa as of 27 January 2017.”

The airline’s message was made following President Donald Trump's new travel ban that was signed on Monday, which excludes Iraqis and permanent US residents.

The order places a 120-day freeze on all refugee arrivals.

The revised ban said the six countries were targeted because their screening and information capabilities could not meet US security requirements.  

“The Order does not apply to lawful permanent residents of the United States (“Green Card” holders), dual nationals, diplomatic or diplomatic-type visa holders, and certain individuals who have previously been granted asylum in the United States,” stated Etihad.

The order also permits certain individuals that have “a continuous period of work, study or other long-term activity” and those with “significant business or professional obligations” to apply for a waiver, which may be granted by the United States on a case-by-case basis.

“We strongly encourage all guests who are nationals of these countries to consult with their nearest United States embassy or consulate to ensure that they are legally entitled to enter the United States, particularly as the United States entry requirements are subject to change and may be subject to further interpretation by United States administrative agencies and courts,” said Etihad.

Following the new US entry requirements, an Emirates spokesperson said: “[We] are aware of the new travel guidance issued by the US government. With regards to entry requirements for travel to the USA, Emirates will comply with the guidance provided to us by the US Customs and Border Protection."